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Jun 11, 2024

Anzu Partners With Comscore’s Flagship Cross-Platform Solution for Incremental Audience Measurement of Intrinsic In-Game Ad Campaigns

RESTON, Va., June 11, 2024 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Comscore (NASDAQ: SCOR), a trusted partner for planning, transacting, and evaluating media across platforms, today announced an expansion of its partnership with Anzu for the most advanced intrinsic in-game advertising platform to measure in-game advertising campaigns using Comscore Campaign Ratings (CCR), Comscore’s flagship solution for modern cross-platform media measurement.

With this integration advertisers will be able to measure their in-game advertising campaigns in-flight and evaluate the incremental reach of the campaigns for brands with greater accuracy and precision down to the market level.

The announcement builds on Anzu’s existing relationship with Comscore’s industry-leading Plan Metrix® Multi-Platform, Mobile Media Metrix and Comscore Brand Survey Lift™ solutions.

“Anzu’s selection of Comscore Campaign Ratings enables us to validate the reach of our audiences and showcase the incrementality of that reach against other channels on behalf of brands,” said Itamar Benedy, CEO and Co-Founder, Anzu. “The effort marks a significant milestone in our long-standing partnership, with Comscore’s ability to provide a broad view across platforms and environments proving extremely valuable to us and our advertiser partners.” 

Anzu helps brands connect with gaming audiences inside premium titles across platforms in a non-disruptive and highly engaging way. Backed by WPP, Sony Innovation Fund, Emmis, NBCUniversal, Samsung Next, PayPal Ventures, and many other prominent investors, Anzu has run award-winning campaigns for some of the world’s leading brands, such as Samsung, PepsiCo, and P&G.

“Gaming offers a significant opportunity for advertising, with billions of dollars expected to be spent this year and in the future,” said Steve Bagdasarian, Chief Commercial Officer at Comscore. “Major brands recognize that Gen Z and Millennial audiences spend substantial media time in-game, and we are excited to expand our partnership with Anzu. Comscore leads in providing cross-platform measurement enabling national granularity of deduplicated incremental reach and frequency down to the local market level, transforming how national advertisers can use data for precise, real-time campaign adjustments across all media.” 

Total in-video game ad spending is predicted by E-Marketer to reach $8.5 billion in 2024 and increase to more than $10 billion by 2026.

Comscore's flagship solution, Comscore Campaign Ratings (CCR), streamlines the intricate landscape of cross-platform audience measurement; providing deduplicated incremental reach metrics of programmatically or directly served digital and streaming campaigns to complement national and local linear buys. Comscore recently introduced Comscore Campaign Ratings Local (CCR Local), effectively bridging the last gap in cross-platform ad measurement, offering advertisers the tools needed for true reach and frequency optimization.  

About Comscore
Comscore is a global, trusted partner for planning, transacting and evaluating media across platforms. With a data footprint that combines digital, linear TV, over-the-top and theatrical viewership intelligence with advanced audience insights, Comscore empowers media buyers and sellers to quantify their multi-screen behavior and make meaningful business decisions with confidence. A proven leader in measuring digital and TV audiences and advertising at scale, Comscore is the industry’s emerging, third-party source for reliable and comprehensive cross-platform measurement.

About Anzu
Anzu is the most advanced intrinsic in-game ad solution for mobile, PC, console, and the metaverse. Anzu’s in-game ads put players first and help advertisers reach audiences programmatically in a non-disruptive and highly engaging way. A patented 3D ad tracking engine, the first to bring viewability measurement in-game with Oracle Moat and IAS, and partnerships with trusted AdTech vendors make Anzu the preferred in-game advertising partner. Learn more.

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