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Jan 30, 2009

Smartphones Provide Extra Mana for Mobile Games Industry as Audience for Downloaded Games Grows 17 Percent

RESTON, Va., Jan 30, 2009 /PRNewswire-FirstCall via COMTEX News Network/ -- comScore reports that 34 percent of mobile game downloaders in November owned a smartphone, compared with 10 percent last year

comScore, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOR), a leader in measuring the digital world, reports that the number of mobile game downloaders grew 17 percent from November 2007 to November 2008, when 8.5 million people, or 3.8 percent of mobile subscribers, downloaded a game to their mobile device.


"The rapid growth in smartphone adoption in the United States has provided a boost for mobile gaming, as 34 percent of those downloading a game in November did so using a smartphone," said Mark Donovan, senior analyst, comScore. "Last year, not one smartphone appeared in the top 10 devices used for mobile downloads. This year, six out of 10 are smartphones, excluding devices with smartphone-like functionality, such as the Instinct and Voyager, which also make appearances."

The iPhone and BlackBerry Curve have replaced the RAZR and low-end flip phones as the most popular gaming platforms, according to comScore. In fact, the number of smartphone owners downloading a game nearly tripled, while dipping 14 percent among owners of feature phones. iPhone owners accounted for 14 percent of mobile game downloaders in November, with 32.4 percent of all iPhone users reporting they downloaded a game in the month, compared with a market average of 3.8 percent.

    Downloaded Mobile Game by Platform: Audience
    Three-month average ending November 2007 vs. November 2008
    US Mobile Phone Users (000s)
    Source: comScore M:Metrics

                       November 2007 (000s)   November 2008 (000s) YoY Growth
    Smartphones                   734                  2,869            291%
    Non-Smartphones             6,486                  5,593            -14%
    Total                       7,220                  8,463             17%

"As the mobile phone has evolved into a better platform for both playing and merchandising games, the games being offered have also been improved, drawing in a broader user base," observed Donovan. "Over the past year, we have seen mobile gaming expand into a broadening demographic, with strongest growth among teens, who previously eschewed their mobile device in favor of handheld gaming devices, and those 35 and older."

comScore M:Metrics also announced the results of its Mobile Benchmark Study. With the exception of ringtone purchases, which fell 1.1 percent from October to November, all mobile content categories posted strong growth, most notably downloaded application usage and access to social networking. Below are the complete results of the November 2008 Mobile Benchmark Study.

    comScore Mobile Benchmark Study
    Three-month average ending November 2008
    US Mobile Subscribers
    Source: comScore M:Metrics
                                                      (% of all   % Change vs.
                                    Audience (000s)     Mobile      Month Ago
    Sent/received photos or videos        63,736         27.7            5.6
    Received SMS ads                      54,922         23.9            8.2
    Accessed news/info via browser        41,894         18.2            9.7
    Used email                            38,370         16.7            6.3
    Listened to music                     21,006          9.1            8.5
    Accessed social networking sites      20,668          9.0           14.2
    Played downloaded game                20,468          8.9            6.1
    Purchased ringtones                   19,556          8.5           -1.1
    Accessed downloaded application       18,337          8.0           15.8
    Watched Video                          7,523          3.3           +5.6

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